Wide Ranging Services

From initial investment advice, to ongoing asset management, as well as specialist boutique valuation service, additional marketing services and a quarterly newsletter providing market analysis and 'flash update', the team at Safari Invest have you covered every step of the way.


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Investment Advisory Services

Expert Guidance



Advisory Services – buying and selling in Africa is typically more complicated and risky than similar transactions in Europe or the United States of America.   In many cases the transaction will be direct with an owner of the business or land acting without advisors.  Experience of managing property sales across Africa and introductions to seasoned professionals can reduce the time, risk and stress of negotiating and completing transactions.  Safari Partners bring a network of contacts and experts who can help de-risk and manage investments and acquisitions, or selling businesses and safari properties.  For further information on our advisory services please contact:

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Seller Valuations

Know your business value



Safari properties are typically one component of a safari business.  The premium that the two elements create cannot be easily presented when the property is being marketed and often the valuation fails to take the business value into account.  Safari Partners offers Safari property and business owners a specialist boutique valuation service, which on completion, is then discretely presented to our community of safari sector investors.  To find out more get in touch with us on:

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Ongoing Asset Management

A Comprehensive Approach


We offer our investor clients an “after sales” service including:

  • advise on the selection and appointment of a management team or company

  • management and audit reporting

  • advise on market positioning and pricing strategy

  • advise on the selection and appointment of marketing/pr team or company

  • marketing strategy development and audit

  • ongoing asset management

Property Development

Turnkey development solutions

Project management, equity, joint ventures, funding.

  • Project assembly & management

  • Feasibility studies

  • Market analysis and research

  • Business plans

  • Off-take agreements and listings with travel agent network


Project assembly & Management services include:

  • Appointment of professional team

  • Planning approvals

  • Appointment of contractor

  • Management reporting